When RB’s Obsolete decided to build its ’47 Chevy panel truck to drive on Americruise ’02, Ray Doe decided he needed some real power to motivate his new hauler over the 1,000-plus miles that the cruise would cover. He turned to Beck Racing Engines for one of its 496ci Max Velocity Plus big-block Chevy-based engines. We say Chevy-based because this engine is built mostly from aftermarket performance parts and with very few actual GM pieces. This stump puller makes 564 hp and 563 lb-ft on 91-octane gasoline—that’s carbureted, kids; need we say more?

We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of engine buildups over the years, so we’re just going to hit the high points and show you the things that set Beck Racing Engines apart from the rest of the engine-building herd.