The guys from Lamb Performance in Prescott, Arizona recently sent us an update on their awesome wide-body 5th Gen Convertible dubbed “Black Dog”. In the last 4 months the guys at Lamb have been hard at work finishing up Black Dog, and recently sent us over a quick update on the car.

As you’ll remember from our first feature on the car, Black Dog is powered by an earth-shifting twin-turbo LSx. The 427 cubic inch LSX was assembled by Beck Racing Engines(B.R.E.), and features a Chevrolet Performance Parts LSX Bowtie Block topped off with a ported set of LSX-LS7 Heads. The turbo system consists of twin Precision turbos that are controlled by a set of ProCharger blow-off-valves and dual Tial wastegates. The boost gets moved through a custom Ron Davis front mount intercooler on its way to the FAST LSXr intake manifold.

With the engine out of the car, the guys from Lamb had B.R.E. dyno the engine and start tuning. It wasn’t long before they quickly realized that the big-inch LSX was looking to flow even more air than they were allowing it to. Dave Severson, Project Manager at Lamb, tells us, “Everyone was astounded at how much the LSX heads flow. On the dyno we found that the 67mm exhaust housings were too small and restricting boost. Precision recommended going to 81mm housings, even those were still too restrictive. But, we decided with the numbers we were producing we would leave them for faster spool up. The preliminary test results were 1,359 horsepower at 6,000 RPM and 1,325 pound feet of torque at 4,400 RPM without the methanol injection kit we plan to use.”


With that much power on tap, the guys from Lamb knew that the stock 6L80E wouldn’t live very long. They upgraded the auto with bullet proof parts from PATC, added a 3,000 RPM stall torque converter while they were at it. From there it wasn’t long until the engine and tranny were reunited, and bolted back between Black Dog’s front fenders.

For tuning and to see how much power Black Dog was making at its massive rear wheels, the car was taken to Automotive Diagnostics Specialties, in Chandler, Arizona. However, making that kind of massive power has its own, shall we say, “special challenges”. Severson says, “Unfortunately we couldn’t get exact numbers on the chassis dyno because at 900 horsepower the rear tires would start hazing on the rollers.”

Incredible. Black Dog’s LSx was producing so much torque, so quickly, that it was able to smoke a giant set of 405/25/24 Pirellis? That is a pretty awesome problem to have, if you ask us.

As you can tell from the pics in the gallery below, the interior is in and Black Dog is now driveable, but not 100% complete. “People have actually followed us to our destination and crowds gather at the gas station when we pull in even though it’s not painted yet!” Severson tells us. “The car is an absolute beast; the scenery gets blurry very fast! The car is now at the body shop for paint so we are close to completion, we estimate six weeks.”

Keep it tuned to LSXtv for more updates on Project Black Dog!