Beck Racing Engines 65 Corvette Convertible – LS3 conversion

Recently, I was hired to complete the electrical work in a gorgeous ’65 ‘vette with a 600+hp LS3.  My buddy Frank Beck, of Beck Racing Engines, built the engine.  It came off the dyno with a MSD MEFI system (made by Delphi for Mercury Marine).  The MEFI system has some pretty cool features and offers the ability to run multiple coil packs.


The owner cut the EFI harness and tried to extend it on his own as he located the ECU in the area behind the passenger front wheel and wanted to keep it out of sight.  I completely removed the harness, rebuilt it, lengthened it properly, and re-installed it.  In addition, I wired the charging system, installed one of our Master Grounding Kits, reconfigured the stock wiring configuration for the charging system, completed the wiring to his relocated battery, wired his fuel pump, electric fan, electric water pump, and AFX O2 sensor modules.  Finally, I tweaked the original design of the harness slightly for the relay center and added additional relays for the water pump and O2 sensor modules.


We got it fired up over the weekend.  It has open headers and let me tell you this thing is NASTY.


Here are some pics.  Unfortunately, I haven’t taken any pics of the charging system stuff . . . YET!











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