Beck Racing Engines Which Engine Package?

Beck Racing Engines has applied its vast knowledge and many years of experience with small and big block Chevrolet racing engines to a high quality line of reliable and drivable high performance marine engine packages. By selecting and dyno testing the finest aftermarket components available, we take the guesswork out of deciding which parts work best together as a package. Coupled with Beck’s high standard of quality every engine is a work of art. Each engine package has been real world driven and dyno tested to offer the broadest horsepower, torque and drivability in its rpm range.

From a mild 463 HP 383 to a killer 1112 HP Supercharged 604 all running on 91 Octane pump gas, BRE has developed 6 different marine engine series and 15 different dyno proven engine combinations that will deliver the horsepower and torque that will work best for YOU.

We spend an extensive amount of time with each customer. By listening to the customer, we can understand their wants and needs helping us to determine which engine package best fits their application. At Beck Racing Engines, we take great interest in the other components that have an effect on your engines performance. We also advise, supply and pass along tips to our customers as to what other components (headers, drives, props, fuel systems, etc.) will work best with their new engine. Just as a great home run hitter cannot guarantee a World Series ring if the rest of the team is mediocre, a great engine needs a supporting case of quality and equally matched components to ensure the desired results. Our attention to detail is shown when the customer gets the satisfaction they are looking for.

How do you choose which engine is right for you?

There are many variables that can help you make the right decision on which engine package is right for you. Our knowledgeable Engine Specialists at Beck Racing Engines are always available to help you with the final decision, but, here are a few questions that may help you in your decision.

Driving Requirements:

Q: Will you be driving your vehicle on a daily basis? 
A: If so,durability, idle, quality, cooling, efficiency and fuel economy may be very important to you.

Q: Will your vehicle be used primarily on weekends for cruising, car shows and some strip action?
A: If this is the case than a lopey idle, increased horsepower and appearance may be strong factors in your final decision.

Q: I want to retain my power brakes, air conditioning and cruise control. Can I do that with a Beck Racing Engine?
A: We produce several series of engines that are very vacuum friendly and allow you to retain your creature comforts.

Q: I am restoring my older GM muscle car. Can Beck Racing Engines work their magic with my original engine?
A: We recommend replacing your matching numbers block with one of our selected engines. Our heavy duty shipping crate and cradle work great for storing your valuable original engine while allowing you the peace of mind to drive your muscle car like it was meant to be driven.

Q: My vehicle will be used primarily on the race track with a little weekend cruising also. Do I have to use race fuel?
A: Beck Racing Engines builds a complete series of engines that are for use with High Octane racing gas, but we also build engines up to 725 horsepower that run entirely on 92 Octane Pump unleaded. Let our trained Engine Specialists help you with the selection that best fits your needs.

Q: Do you use your vehicle daily and tow with it on weekends?
A: Beck Racing Engines builds a complete series of Pro Tow engines that have a torque band designed for everyday driving and the increased load of towing a trailer.

Remember, their are many other variables to consider when purchasing a new engine and how you want it to perform. Tire diameter, gear ratio, transmission type, vehicle type, header tube diameter, exhaust system and stall speed of the converter are just a few. Please contact one of our trained Engine Specialists to best determine the right Beck Racing Engine package for your specific needs and application.

Need a little help choosing? We are happy to help. Call one of our knowledgeable Staff members at 602-477-1700.


2 comments on “Beck Racing Engines Which Engine Package?”

  1. Gregory S Walton Reply

    I have a 2002 silverado with a 4.8 and a 4l60e would like to put a good street/strip/everyday driver motor if that makes sence 400HP would be plenty with the ability to maybe later on put a supercharger or turbo with no major problems.I have written a dozen different company and nobody responds my money is green if somebody could come up with a plan on how to do this I would be ready to spend some money please send me a email so we can get started.

    • Frank Beck Reply

      Hi Greg,

      Thank you for the opportunity, to be of better service I would like to speak with you to ensure you the best possible advice.
      Please call me directly @ 602-477-1700 Thank you, Frank Beck

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